Mar 10 – Tiny

This tiny little hole (goes under the tackroom floor from the barn aisle) is a passageway for the itty bitty field mice family that has moved in. They are getting less afraid of me, since I put a tiny bit of grain out when I’m getting the horses’ supper ready (and I talk to them).

I don’t mind the mice, such small delicate creatures. As long as there aren’t 1,000 (and since Racer, the massive skunk that resides under–or in, when the weather is wet–the feed room floor, has returned, he will keep their numbers down), I won’t bother them.

Rats, now, that’s a whole ‘nother thing!

If I’d had a dime in my pocket, I’d have put it down by the hole, so you could see it’s not much bigger!


~ by dragonfur on March 10, 2012.

7 Responses to “Mar 10 – Tiny”

  1. I’d take mice over skunks any day.

    • Skunks really aren’t as bad as most people think. They will only spray if they feel threatened (they have a limited amount of “skunk water” and have to reload, which leaves them nearly defenseless for a time), and they will warn you. (Except for dogs–dogs charge them, so they waste no time discouraging them before the dogs get to them.) But once they decide to spray, they are accurate to 30 feet, so there’s no outrunning them! Racer and I (so named because he has one big racing stripe down his back) have met by accident in the tack room–which scared us both. We each turned tail and ran, in opposite directions! He has passed within 6 or 8 feet of me when I’ve been behind the barn and he was heading for bed. I just turned my back on him, kept doing what I was doing, and he never slowed down. Like the mice, I just talk to him when I know he’s around. That way, my voice doesn’t startle him. I’m more comfortable when he’s NOT there, but I can share the space with him for a bit as long as he’s polite–and he has been. I do make sure every horse’s rabies is up to date, though.

      Sunny Haiku 2 for Bonfire Bonfire, no more pain. My heart aches with your passing Over the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. I thought you had a cat! a Skunk is far more imaginative and I Love the idea of a skunk for vermin control. The best bit of news out of Stone Dragon Farm I can imagine, I want to come to Texas.

    • Well, come on! We’ll make room for y’all anytime!

      Skunk’s OK as co-habitator, but Racer really does need some DEODORANT. He must be teaching the neighborhood dogs some STRONG lessons, he smelled really strong today when he came in. It’s been windy, so he must be spraying upwind. Doesn’t affect him, but he sure stinks the barn up!

      Sunny “When I am old I shall spend my social security checks on white wine and carrots and sit in the alley of my barn and listen to my horses breathe. And I will wear hay in my hair as if it were a jewel.” Author Unknown

  3. I like that you talk to your mice and skunks, he is sorts is working for you so probably doesn’t want to ruin a good thing by stinking you. Is it the mice who made the u in the shavings or you to take the photo either way it is a pretty effect

  4. Nice textures . . .

  5. love this little fieldmouse hole and I agree re the rats! We don’t have skunks in Aus, but have heard they are mighty smelly!! You have inspired me to go to the sheds (barns) on our farm and see what I can photograph there…

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