My Precious Zenya, R.I.P.

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My beautiful Zenya. So sweet, so smart, so bright, so funny. 23 months old.

And now she is gone. Wednesday morning, she was fine; her normal playful, funny self. Saturday morning (Feb. 20) she was humanely euthanized, due to a rare, inheritable condition known as “megaesophagus” associated with “disautonomia”.

I hate these words I’ve never heard before! Suddenly, they have taken from me one of the most precious souls in my life. They caused her immense discomfort, and even though the condition MAY have been manageable, the drug that MAY have helped (if we could even find it–it is no longer commercially available) could have taken 2 to 4 months to help. The treatment she would have had to undergo to keep her alive until it was determined whether or not the drug was even helping would have meant her living in a cage, with an e-collar on her. Infection and discomfort, constant dangers.

No, for my beloved Zenya, the kindest thing was to help her across that Rainbow Bridge. I held her to her final breath.

Now, MY pain is constant. No more little games: fetch the wad of paper, chasing the hand under the sheets. No more listening to her talking to herself as she played, alone or with another cat. No more looking to see where she was when going in or out of the door, because she was a champion door-darter. She lived in the bedroom for the most part, because there are residents in my household (including myself) who simply wouldn’t be able to move fast enough if she decided to make a dash for freedom out the front door.

I am a selfish human. I don’t want to hurt like this. I have done it before (Dragon, Wings, Flower, Shadowolf, Bonfire), but it doesn’t get easier, or quicker. As I get older, those old scars on my soul seem to ache in sympathy to the new wound that has been torn in the very fabric of my spirit.

I can sometimes barely breathe from the agony of knowing that I will never see or hear Zenya again. I know it will lessen in time, but the pain is fresh, and I have many hours of heartache before I can inhale again.

I cry some every night at bedtime. I don’t have her to play with, love on, talk to, fuss at…

I miss you, Zenya. May your bright spark be shining brightly somewhere. Here, today, in my world, it is dark.Zenswept


New Family Members

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My newest family members are of the four-legged variety (of course).  Three beautiful Oriental Shorthairs have come to live with me.  My oldest cat, a Siamese named Pagan Spirit, passed away in January 2014, so I felt it was time to add another Oriental-type cat.  Mithlin was my last remaining one, and she will be 14 in a few weeks.  I just don’t feel my household is complete without an Oriental or Siamese member.

I went to a cat show looking for a Siamese kitten, but discovered an Oriental Shorthair breeder just out of Houston (240 miles south).  I visited her home and came back with a beautiful 4-month-old kitten, whom I named Zenswept (aka Zenya).  Zenya is both super sweet and super monster at the same time (I don’t know how she does that!).

While I was there, I met a brother-sister pair that needed a furever home.  ZigZag, the male, has a heart defect, so there’s no telling what kind of lifespan he will have.  His sister, ChaCha, is stunning (so is Ziggy!), and they are practically attached at the hip.  They were a package deal, so a month later, I went back to Houston to pick them up.

I have included a photo of Zenya from right after I brought her home.  I will post pictures of ChaCha & Ziggy a bit later.

I really am going to try to spend a bit more effort keeping this blog more up to date.  Really!Zenya-4 Mos.

RIP, Shadowcat

•July 4, 2013 • 4 Comments

RIP, Shadowcat

My beautiful little barn cat, Shadowcat (aka Sascha) was euthanized by my vet on June 28.

She became ill on the 27th, and with no improvement overnight, I took her in to the vet. Bloodwork showed her to be afflicted with Feline Leukemia, and I said goodbye to her that afternoon. She returned to Bast with my wonderful vet, Dr. Abraham, and me in attendance. (I never, NEVER let them die with only strangers as their company!)

I miss her greatly, as does my dog, Blubelle, who always played with her whenever we went outside. Blessed be, Sascha. You were loved.

My New Gelding!

•March 15, 2013 • 2 Comments

My New Gelding!

Not a new horse, just a MINOR life-altering surgery for Elemental Magic. No longer a stallion (yay!).

He’ll be able to go out with the other horses in a few weeks, and he’ll be MUCH easier for me to handle. I don’t breed so I have no reason to put up with the quirks and temperament of a stallion.

Not to mention that a stallion usually lives by himself (except for brief flings with an occasional lady–if he’s lucky). That’s no life for my little blue-eyed boy!

First Symphony, Now Hope

•March 2, 2013 • 2 Comments

Symphony’s all better, but Hope’s arthritis has been giving her fits in these cold, windy days!  Had an equine dental specialist vet out to look at her teeth, and she was kind enough to check out her hind limbs, to discover that the arthritis has worked its way up to her hips now.  She gave me Prevacox, a new arthritis pain/inflammation medication.  Yesterday was Hope’s 2nd day on it, and what a difference!  Instead of ouching her way out of her stall to her lot, she trotted!  Feeling much better.  Stuff’s expensive, it better work!  She’s getting big dog dose, rather than horse dose (she weighs about 175 lbs, not the 1000 lbs the average horse weighs!), but that saves me a bit of money, and she doesn’t mind the taste–eats it right up with her breakfast feed!

New barn cat, too, apparently.  Young female (of course–it’s always female!) has shown up, catching mice around the chicken coop.  I’ve named her Shadowcat, because she now shadows me everywhere I go outside, and I think she’d come inside, too, if I’d let her.  (Don’t think the housecats would be especially welcoming, though.)  I feed her a bit in the morning (mousers do better if they aren’t too hungry–hunting is entertainment, too) and she greets me every time I go outside.  Symphony thinks she’s a chase toy, though, so she doesn’t follow me to the barn when the horses are out–just stands at the fence and yells at me to hurry!  Animals are amazing, aren’t they?

Symphony Update

•February 26, 2013 • 2 Comments

She’s still on stall rest for another couple of weeks, but off the pain medication.  Her lameness is gone and she’s feeling GOOD!  Makes me happy she’s a mini, not a half-ton regular-size horse!  She looks like a carousel horse–up and down, up and down–as we “walk”.  Cold front blew through here yesterday afternoon, which made her even more energetic.  

Not sure which one of us will be happier when her confinement is over!

Symphony, My Brat, My Precious!

•February 15, 2013 • 3 Comments

I posted one of my favorite photos of Symphony yesterday, then went out to feed last night to find she has somehow injured her left hind leg!  A call to the vet, and this morning (after a quick rush to the DMV to update license plate on the trailer!) we spent several hours at his office, doing exam & x-rays of BOTH back legs (they x-ray the uninjured one, too, as a point of reference, since bone structure can vary somewhat between horses, breeds, ages, etc.).

The bad news is she will be confined to her stall for a couple of months, with hand walking after the first two weeks, and get medicated with NSAID butazolidine, aka “Bute”.  

The good news is she has only minor tendon damage–bruised, not torn–no bone involvement, and should be good as new (but hopefully a little more careful with her feet) in a few weeks.  

No idea how she did it.  As a trainer I used to work with on occasion always said, “Every horse on earth is born trying to commit suicide.”  Might be some truth in that.